Politics of Privacy

The Golden Capim has a commitment with the respect to its privacy. We recognize that when opting to in informing some to them of its personal datas, you he trusts that we will act in responsible way in relation to these data. This is the reason for which we have one politics of privacy to protect its personal information. You will be able to always visit our website without supplying no personal data.

In case that politics is interested in bigger details on ours, please, it continues reading this document. That type of information is gotten? How it is used? Some times we can request that you, voluntarily, in supply some personal information to them. Generally, this information is requested when you register in cadastre for a service online or when you send necessary information to the accomplishment of some transaction online.

At the moment where you carry through some order, us we request its name, address of e-mail, address of collection and delivery, number of telephone and information of credit card. If you to opt to in supplying personal information, saw commercial Internet, that we, or our partners to them, let us can need to correspond ourselves with you, process an order in the credit card, or deliver a product, you are our intention to inform it as we will go to use this information. In case that you say in them that she does not desire that this information is stored for future contacts, us we will respect its option.

We are always working to improve the content and functionalities of the website of the Golden Capim. For this reason, we monitor traffic standards and use of the website stops in them better assisting in the one creation design and layout for our website, producing and supplying content of its interest. How the Golden Capim protects its information? When you in them send an order or have access its private information, us you use a serving insurance, available in our supplier of Internet. The software of the serving insurance criptografa all the information that you type before it being sent in them.

Thus, its personal datas, the chosen mode of payment and all and any another information supplied in the purchase process are codified before being transmitted. Revelation of Collected Information The Golden Capim will be able to record and to show personal information allowed or requested by law, being included the following cases: (a) to protect the rights, security or property of the users of our website, the public, the Golden Capim or supplying of our website; in agreement e (b) legal solicitations. Inside of some circumstances, the Golden Capim can opt to changing its personal information with trustworthy companies. You can opt to informing in them that she does not agree, sending a message through our area of contact. Restrictions of Use The copyrights of all the material presented in this site are property of the Golden Capim. This material or no part of the same can be copied, be reproduced, be distributed, reverse speed-published, presented, announced or transmitted in no way or for no way, including, but not limited, half electronic, mechanics, of photocopy, writing or any another nature, without the permission it foresaw in writing of the Golden Capim or the bearer of the copyrights.

Authorization is granted to it the permission to present in the screen, to copy and to distribute the material in this site solely for personal use, not commercial, on condition that if it does not modify the material and that if conserves all the legends of copyrights and other enclosed types of property in this material. This permission finishes if you automatically to violate any of these terms and conditions. To its ending, if it will have to destroy any material reproduced or printed matter. Neither it is allowed, without the permission of the Golden Capim, to talk back in another server any enclosed material in this site.

Any not authorized use of any enclosed material in this site can constitute a breaking of the laws of copyrights, of the laws of commercial marks, the laws of privacy and advertising and of the laws and rules of communications. Commercial marks The commercial marks, the marks of service and the logotipos (" Comerciais" marks;) used and presented in this site they are registered Commercial Marcas of the Golden Capim. It swims in this site will have to be interpreted as concession, for implicitude, exclusion or of none another way, no license or right of use of any presented Commercial Mark in this site, without the permission in writing titular it right them of the Commercial Mark. Golden Capim makes to fulfill in active way its rights of copyright in all the extension of the law.

Golden the Capim name or logotipo cannot be used in way some, including announcements or advertising related the distribution material it in this site, without permission foresaw in writing. The commercial mark “Artesanato in Golden Capim” is a mark registered in Brazil for the Federal Trademark and Patent Office - INPI. Any question related to the use of this commercial mark will have to be made the Golden Capim for half deeds of division. Its Assent When using our website, you assents with the acquisition and use of these information for the Golden Capim.

In case that let us decide to modify ours privacy politics, the changes will be published in this page so that you can always remain yourself informed of that given we collect, we use as them, and under which circumstances we disclose we them. Please, he visits this page periodically to verify any modifications, thus you always will be brought up to date on our more recent politics of privacy. He says us what You Think Our goal is to respect its privacy. Politics stops helping in them to improve ours, please, in them sends its opinion. We thank to its commentaries and questions.